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About Us

Total Shape is a dedicated community committed to helping individuals achieve a healthier lifestyle with ease. We pride ourselves on providing tailored and comprehensive information to support your health and fitness journey. Our knowledgeable team, consisting of over 60 health and fitness experts, has been working diligently since 2003 to curate a library of reliable and in-depth resources.

Our range of resources includes guidance on healthy and safe supplements, exercise regimens, fitness equipment reviews, proper diet and nutrition advice, weight loss guides, advanced calculators, and much more. Our ultimate goal is to assist 10 million individuals in reaching their health and fitness goals worldwide.

The core founders of Total Shape, Isaac and Michael, initially started their journey in Indianapolis, sharing a vision to make a global impact in health and fitness. Over the years, our community has expanded to reach millions worldwide, guided by our shared mission to empower and support individuals on their wellness journey.

Our team of professionals is dedicated to providing you with evidence-based and reliable information, helping you make informed decisions regarding your health. Total Shape is reader-supported, relying on affiliate links to sustain our operations without intrusive ads. Your support helps us continue to evaluate products and maintain our website to provide you with the information you need to succeed.

Join our community on social media or reach out to us through email for personalized support on your health journey. We welcome collaboration with brands and professionals who align with our values and invite anyone interested in joining the Total Shape team to explore job opportunities through our careers page.