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About Us

Jethro was born and raised out in the Wild West. Jethro lived a good life there with his extended family as he swam and fished every day in the river, and hunted in the pine tree forest with his bulldog named Jake. Jethro found it difficult to live off the land, as he never caught any fish and only found an occasional raccoon or possum in his sights. Jake on the other hand was fed up with poodles. So Jethro and Jake packed up and headed for the Midwest, where the creeks were full of catfish, and the hickory/oak forest were full of wild boars.

Jethro and Jake walked East during the winter of 2007. They didn't know where they were going...but as they walked, they began hearing more and more buzz about the Land of the Bulldog. The word was spreading throughout the nation of a new energy, a new spirit, a new ''Bulldog Attitude'' in a place called Des Moines. Jethro and Jake were excited as they watched on the picture tube the men and women of Bulldog Land build Bulldog Power into a reality. The Drake Bulldogs were the talk of the nation and Jethro and Jake wanted to be a part of the excitement.

Finally, in the spring of 2008 Jethro and Jake walked onto the Drake campus. On the first day, Jethro built a 750 pound capacity wood fired smoker. On the 2nd day, Jethro chopped down a hickory and oak tree. On the 3rd day, Jethro fired up his incredible smoker and opened the doors to his new restaurant. Jethro is happy to welcome you to his new restaurant and proud as a peacock to be ''Your Drake Neighborhood Sports Bar''.

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Bruce Gerleman